ForestKEY Applications 


Easy-to-use applications that meet practical needs in various forestry operations.



A simple and user-friendly application for managing raw wood transportation and storage inventory. The application can be customized to meet the Customer-specific needs! 

The application provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for ordering and managing the snow plowing of the roads. In addition to plowing, the application can be used to organize road maintenance, such as grading and graveling. 


The application enables map-based database of logging stands, stand-specific harvesting conditions, storage locations and real-time storage inventory, even including the storage-based moisture content estimate. Supervision of the work and managing the operations, such as roadside chipping, and deliveries to the Customer can be done cost-efficiently and flexible. All the actors in the value chain can access the information shared by the supervisor. 

Akseli Juurinen


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